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Port Austin Bible Campus, 8180 Port Drive, PO Box 474, Port Austin,
Michigan, USA, 48467.  •  989-738-7700  •  pabc@portaustin.net
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About PABC

"'You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbor as yourself'" (Luke 22:36).

Mission Plan

Largely unchanged since PABC's beginning on December 8, 2004, the mission of the Port Austin Bible Campus is to operate a non-denominational Christian community based on the Bible that will do the following:

  1. be a non-denominational Christian light to its surrounding neighborhood,
  2. educate young people in the Bible, Christian service and ways to make a living,
  3. provide a meaningful life for older Sabbatarians who are willing to help and/or in need of limited non-professional care,
  4. help the disadvantaged and needy believers among us,
  5. provide a variety of Bible evangelism and teaching tools that others may freely use,
  6. help sift through the maze of false information produced to deceive people in the fields of history, news, health-care, economics, government, etc., and
  7. produce written, audio and video records of how this community works so that others can do similar things.


  1. PABC seeks a mixture of people to join, with diverse talents and abilities. Yet, it must maintain a balance of those that are primarily able to work, serve and mentor others-with those who primarily need to be served and mentored. Each person has a written statement of what they are able to contribute and what needs they expect to have fulfilled.
  2. PABC opens its doors to the homeless and needy, seeking to strengthen those who are genuinely suffering, either physically or spiritually-but reproving or removing those who take advantage of generosity, cooperating with law enforcement when crime is involved.
  3. PABC maintains the PortAustin.net website to document its activities to the world.
  4. PABC writers contribute to other Christian web sites and publications, both for the ministry of teaching the Bible and to communicate PABC experience to a wider audience.
  5. The biblical Sabbath and Feast Days are incorporated into PABC's schedule. It is up to each member to observe these days as they understand them in the scriptures. Sabbath Services and Feast Services are open to visitors that conduct themselves in a Christian manner.
  6. PABC serves as wide a variety of Christian believers as are willing to work with us, provided they do not try to sway PABC from its Mission and Objectives. Christians are those in whom God places His Spirit-scattered within and without the many church organizations and ministries.
  7. PABC seeks self-sufficiency in as many areas as practical, especially in organic food production, health-care, facilities maintenance, equipment maintenance and ultimately energy production.
PABC Documents (only partly complete)
Mission Plan and Objectives PABC Introduction for Prospective Members PABC's Matthew 18 Form PABC Statement of Beliefs